Hey, Calontir, let's talk about something that's NOT LILIES! I am in the
process of re-doing the A&S Handbook and I'm adding a Note to Judges in the
Competitions section. Since a lot of folks who may volunteer as judges may
not ever read it there, I thought it would be good to just go ahead and
publish it out here and on FaceBook:

Judges for all events are reminded that the goal is to help the artisan
entrant progress in the art, science, or craft, which includes preserving a
positive attitude and a sense of self-esteem about themselves and their
work. Intimidating or belittling people who are not up to your own standard
defeats the entire purpose of our efforts to promote the arts and sciences.
TACT is all-important, if you as a judge see flaws, your feedback to the
entrant should not be about how the finished piece (Or work in progress)
has come up short and wouldn’t fool a blind beggar ca. 1085, but instead
should focus on methods and techniques to overcome problems in the making,
especially based on your OWN previous mistakes and learning process to get
past them. You most especially should share that you did make such
mistakes, and learned from them! Focus on suggestions on research and
sources for both the subject of the entry and the necessary techniques to
make it, of the sort that you, yourself, would find helpful if the
positions of judge and entrant were reversed. I cannot overstress how
damaging it is to our endeavor, no matter how technically correct your
evaluation may have been, if the entrant leaves the session discouraged,
insulted, and ready to quit. There are, very rarely, unreasonable entrant
expectations or unusually sensitive egos, but they are rare and not the
thrust of this note. Be fair. Be kind. Be helpful and mentoring.

YIS, Paul Adler, KMOAS


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