Forwarding the official announcement. New "combined" Waiver and Consent to
Participate forms have been created. This new waiver is ONLY to be used for
those events where an equine is present. Full announcement below.

Please contact me if your Kingdom uses gate-specific forms that need to be
updated with this new language. The idea is to reduce the amount of
paperwork required at gate for *equestrian* events.

The list of individual states can be found here: . If you have any
questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

In Service,


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Date: Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 9:33 PM
Subject: [SCA_KEO] Updated and revised equestrian waivers
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Greetings to all KEOs, and felicitations at this festive time of year!

After literally years of work, I’m very pleased to announce that the
Society has updated waivers for equestrian activities. I claim no credit
for this accomplishment - all credit and thanks for a huge amount of work
go to Mistress Eowyth, and to the work on review and acceptance on the part
of the Office of the Society Seneschal and the Society’s in-house counsel,
Patrick Anderson.

Details are as follows:

In order to reduce the amount of paperwork required at equestrian events, a
new “combined” Waiver and Consent to Participate form has been created.
This new waiver is only to be used for those events where an equine is

All attendees are required to sign this waiver, including members who have
a blue card. This form is applicable to equestrian events only, because it
is both the equestrian waiver *and* the general site waiver (combined into
one).  This eliminates the need for those without a blue card to sign
multiple waivers at events with equines.  Everyone just signs this one form.

The equestrian insurance policy has not changed.

For those states that do not have equine liability laws (as of October 2017
that includes California, Maryland, New York, and Washington D.C.), the use
of the Society Standard combined waiver is required.

All states must showcase the appropriate Warning signs on site, with at
least one to be at the equestrian field and one at the event check-in
location (i.e. Gate/Sign-In/Troll). These signs can be purchased online
through appropriate vendors or created following the appropriate

If there are no equines, standard participant waiver procedures apply.
Refer to the Seneschal’s Handbook if you have any questions.

For those Kingdoms that include the waiver language on their gate forms,
please contact Mistress Eowyth and she will help in updating your forms

Forms can be downloaded from the SCA’s Library of Documents at

If you have any questions regarding these updated waivers, please contact
Mistress Eowyth ([log in to unmask]), Master Terafan - the Society Equestrian
Officer ([log in to unmask]),  Master Alan - the Society Earl Marshal (
[log in to unmask]), or Master Antonio - the Society Seneschal (
[log in to unmask]).

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that all your equestrian marshals know about
the change, and please help seneschals and autocrats understand that they
only need this one form at any events with equines.


Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon, OL, OP    [log in to unmask]
Society Equestrian Officer


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