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In morning court:
Giraude Benet – Laurel
Ayisha bint Asad – Court Baronage
Kajsa Nikulasdotter – Laurel

In evening court:
Tamar bat Avraham – Laurel
Gerhart von Schleswig – AoA
Marget Orange – Golden Calon Swan
Cai Dubhghlas – Cross of Calontir
Leif Tryggvasson – Torse
Teresa Rose fillia Quiteria – Queen’s Chalice
Snorri Bjornsson – Silver Hammer
Oswyn of Moonstone – Torse
Giovanna Canzoniere da Firenze – Calon Lily
Lilian Bowyer – Laurel
Hirsch Ross Eichmann – Augmentation of Arms
Magdalena vander Meere – Augmentation of Arms

Other court tidings:
Ayisha bint Asad offered Their Majesties’ thanks to the kingdom’s scribes with gifts of pergamenata.
The Barony of Forgotten Sea made a tithe to the kingdom.
8 newcomers received mugs.
The new Baronage of The Lonely Tower will be HL Augustin le Blinde and Lady Aleit de la Thomme. Investiture will be at 12th Night.
Calontir celebrated the creation of the Shire of Moonstone.

Scenes from the Life of David, ca 1160-1180. Public Domain in the US

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