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you have a comment, question, or concern that you would like the Lilies
Committee or Event Stewards to hear please send it in an email to:

Lilies War Committee Chair: [log in to unmask]
Lilies War Stewards: [log in to unmask]

If you are merchant and have any questions about merchanting at Lilies War
please contact our Merchant Staff at: [log in to unmask]

We will try to respond to you as quickly as possible. However, please
remember that the individuals on the other end of these addresses do have
other mundane obligations and if might take a bit to give each email it’s
proper due.

And as always, everyone is welcome to attend the Committee Meetings. Our
next one will be at Clothiers’ Seminar in February 2018.

Thank you,
Baroness Rebecca Beaumont, OP <>
Lilies War Committee Chair
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