I second this. We tried the glossy brochure paper starting about a year and a half ago, following Matt’s recommendation, and have used it ever since. I’m a big fan. Agree too on the color laser doing a much better, higher resolution job than any black & whites at our disposal.

3 pt is way too small though! 


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It depends on the printer.

We use 200g glossy HP brochure paper, and run this through a color laser jet (even though we only use black).  Color laser jets using an entirely different kind of pigment that polymerizes to smooth surfaces.  Its super durable, does very well in ethanol and PG, and the labels are ultra crisp.  I routinely print at 3pt font now, and its very legible.  Let me know and I can send you the ordering info.  Also, we are using a Brother 4570 CDW networked printer.

The brochure paper was tested by the SI archives folks and passed their approval. This paper is calendared, meaning the core of the paper is fibrous, but the surfaces are rolled ultra smooth (glossy, like magazines). Lastly, the 200g paper grips pins very well, and I have tried removing/replacing labels, using the original holes, and the firmness of the labels remains true.


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Hi All - 

What does everyone use for their pinned label paper? Currently at the Field, we've been using "100% rag long grain sub 52 lbs" The only trouble is, I cannot find this paper or anything even similar anywhere.

I'm just trying to get a feel for some tried and tested alternatives that other collections use.



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