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Quest theme for the second quarter issue of *Tournaments Illuminated*: Site
Favors I Have Known

Our upcoming Quest article is "Site Favors I Have Known" with Guest Editor
Kirsten O'Brien | *Rekon of* *Saaremaa*.  Site favors, site tokens, event
tokens; these items are known by many names across the Known Worlde.  Over
the years they've gone from sometime curiosities to occasional
commemoratives to sought-after collectors' items.  From bits of ribbon to
beads on string, from stamped clay tokens to struck coins, from
paternosters to pewter trinkets, site favours continue to evolve to reflect
the needs, desires and abilities of Society artisans, event organisers and
attendees.  Have you made them?  Do you collect them?  Share your favorites
and the stories behind them.  Send your anecdote to [log in to unmask]
by February
7 and it may be included in the Second Quarter 2018 issue of *Tournaments
Illuminated*.  If you'd like to share a photo, please write for image

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