Latest update on classes at Clothiers Seminar:

We are waiting to see what TRM's meeting schedule looks like before we know if we have any additional time slots available for instructors.

We did add another classroom and a meeting room, and the classes that needed to be scheduled (mentioned in my previous post on December 23) were added. We won't be able to add any other classes to the schedule until we know what the official meeting schedule will be, but I am taking a "wait list" pending times being available in the Meeting Room or class cancellations (which we do have, sometimes at the last minute). I already have two instructors on that list, but instructors, please feel free to contact me if you would also like to be on the wait list!

At the current time we have *50* hours of classes scheduled (not including Lady Adelaide's youth classes), which I believe will make this the biggest roster of Clothier's classes in quite some time! We have quite a few classes aimed at beginning seamsters and seamstresses, too! Students rejoice!


M├Ęstra Giraude 

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