The Falcon Banner has posted a new item, 'Twelfth Night Court Summaries,
January 6, A.S. 52

*In morning court:*
Augustin le Blinde
<> and Aleit
de la Thomme <> were
invested as the new Baron and Baroness of The Lonely Tower

*On the field:*
Michael Erikson <> – Iren

*In evening court:*
Priscilla Dionessa – AoA
Giovanni Loredan <> –
Golden Calon Swan
Willeam Rudhall <> – AoA
Odierne Lion <> – Leather Mallet
Gylys mac an Dieorr – AoA
Aethelred the Well Read
<> – Leather Mallet
Christina l’Ambeler
<> – Cross of
Ffelix Æskelsson <> –
Cross of Calontir
Maegwynn Attewode <> – Calon Lily
Bjarm Rorikson <> – Chivalry

*Other court tidings:*
12 newcomers received mugs.

Presentation scene; detail of a miniature from BL Royal MS 15 E vi, f. 2v.
15th C. Public domain in the US
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