If you’ve ever been into Oddessy Coffee at a war, you may have noticed the banners on the ceiling.  One side is mostly filled with Calontir, but it needs updating.

   Some of the banners are showing wear and tear, the paint cracks when the banner is folded between wars.

   If you have a shield on the banner already, you may want to replace it.

   If you want to add YOUR shield to the banner, it needs to be 9x10 and preferably appliqued or embroidered rather than painted.

   If you could get them to me before March 1st it would give me time to attach them before returning the banner to Dave at Gulf Wars.

   If you don’t see me, give it to any member of Calanais Nuadh to give to me. Or message me for an address to mail it to me.

   Dave said Calontir has more shields than any other kingdom, and though there are devices on the other half of the banner from a different kingdom, he has told me I may remove the others to replace them with Calontiri .

Nest ffynnon

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