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Good afternoon, everyone,
For those of you who already know, I would like to thank each and every one
of you for the love and support you have sent me, the shire, and above all,
Mar’s lady, Amethyst.

For those of you who don’t yet know: On Monday, 1/1/18 around 9:30 pm, my
knight, Sir Mar, had an aneurysm in the left side of his brain. This caused
the right side of his body to lose all function and feeling.

Amethyst flew down on Wednesday afternoon. She, and Mar’s mom, have been
with him around the clock, sometimes in shifts.

On Thursday, 1/5/18, Mar went into surgery to relieve the pressure caused
by the clot re-absorbing into the brain. It’s an extremely routine
procedure that the surgeon has done many many times and has a 100% survival
rating. They went in to remove the clot and cauterize any potential bleeds,
helping release the pressure. He went in at 7 AM, and got out around 10 AM.
The surgery went textbook, much to the relief of everyone.

After the surgery, we have seen good improvement. He has very minor control
over motor function in the right side. He is able to open his eyes and look
at people for a short period of time, the first of which was with Amethyst.
He will potentially have the breathing tube removed either today or

At the moment, he is still in the ICU. Because he is still under close
observation, we have to keep visitation to a minimum. We need to keep blood
pressure down, and the flu is going around, so we have to keep visitation
to a minimum.
We do have several Grimfelons that are basically living in the waiting
room, making food runs, ensuring the family is sleeping, and generally
taking care of family and visiting folk. For those who wish to join us, We
are currently at Washington Regional in Fayetteville. I cannot garantee any
visitation, due to the already stated reasons. However, I will post another
update, once visitation can take place. I will also have a book avaliable
for signing and/or writing get well messages.

Washington regional also has a send-a-patient-an-email website, for those
who are unable to make it. I have linked it here:

We ask that you not come if you have the plague, as it is one of the worst
things that can happen at this time.

We also ask that you not message Amethyst about this. – She has her plate
full. Feel free to message myself if you have something you need said to
her, or something you do not want to leave in the comment section below, I
will do my best to respond when I am able.

For those who wish to do more during this time, Countess Belanna is
organizing a Norse-themed quilt to be made and given to Mar. It will
consist of patches made by those who wish to do participate. This may
change, but I believe the general idea is to send you a square of cloth,
and you embroider/applicate/magic said cloth, then send it back. Please
message her for more information.

In service,
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