For those not on Facebook, please see the below message regarding Sveinn/Duane.


Lord Sveinn Njallson, who has stood stalwart in our shield wall for 30+ years, has entered his final battle. He is being moved to hospice care following a long struggle with cancer. The doctors can no longer use immunotherapy without causing fatal damage to his lungs, they can no longer use chemotherapy without causing fatal damage to his heart, and without either therapy available the masses in his abdomen have grown rapidly. We do not know how long he has before the valkyries take him to Valhalla.

As it is a new year the deductible on his health insurance has reset. There will be memorial expenses to consider as well. If you have any amount of spare money, please consider donating it to the link below. If you would like to share memories and kind words with Sveinn please post on his personal Facebook wall: Duane Nelson. Finally, please keep Sveinn's wife Rebecca/Ragnheiðr and his son Kristian in your thoughts and prayers, whatever tradition you follow.

If you have any questions about visiting Sveinn or about other means of assistance feel free to contact Ranka or myself.

In service,



Please share you memories of Sveinn, all posts are being read to him.

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