CFP - Broadway Bodies: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Musical
[Deadline: March 31, 2018]
September 28-29, 2018
Washington University in St. Louis

The Broadway musical, as a live event, depends upon interaction
between bodies – those of performers, musicians, craftworkers,
audience members, and others. Reading the musical on, through, and
between bodies, as an embodied and always performed art, affords new
understandings and avenues of inquiry that are lost when viewing the
musical as a static or textual object. Issues of the body bring
together many disciplines and theoretical frameworks—the term “body”
itself can have many definitions, including the body in space, the
body as architecture, sounded, experience, a collection of objects,
the abstract or sounded as bodies themselves. This conference seeks to
advance the recent academic trend towards the performer and the
embodied through exploration of the Broadway musical. The conference
intentionally leaves the term “bodies” open to encourage a broad range
of interpretations from scholars from across disciplines, including
performing arts, but also other humanities fields.

This call for papers is specifically intended for graduate students
and recent PhDs without permanent academic positions whose work
intersects with the musical as embodied performance. In the interest
of intergenerational discussion, we have invited established and
early-career scholars to participate with us, including keynote
speakers Stacy Wolf and James Leve. We will provide a comprehensive
financial package for those presenting that covers most costs
associated with attendance at this conference (flight, hotel, food,
and transportation).

Please submit abstracts of 250 words for individual 20-minute
presentations by March 31, 2018. Abstracts should be in .pdf or .docx
format, and the email should include the presenter’s name,
institution, position, and discipline. Decisions will be communicated
in April 2018. Please direct all inquiries to conference co-chairs
Ashley Pribyl, Daniel Fister, and Caleb Boyd at
broadwaybodiesconference -at-


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