The first jazz studies conference in Ireland will take place at the Dublin
Institute of Technology, Conservatory of Music and Drama, Rathmines,
Dublin, Ireland from 17 January to 19 January 2019. The event is delivered
in partnership with the Research Foundation for Music in Ireland, the
Society of Musicology in Ireland and the Birmingham Centre for Media and
Cultural Research, Birmingham City University, UK.

In marking the centenary of the first documented jazz performance in
Ireland, that of ‘Mr Gordon’s Jazz Band’ at the Royal College of Surgeons,
Dublin, we invite participants to consider who and what has been
documented, by whom, and for what purposes. The committee welcomes
submissions that investigating the power of documentation to shape the
narratives and mythologies surrounding the music.

Conference themes include but are not limited to:

⁃ Documenting jazz histories
⁃ Documenting jazz in popular culture
⁃ Documenting jazz as sound
⁃ Documenting jazz in images
⁃ Documenting gender in jazz
⁃ Documenting jazz in film
⁃ Documenting jazz online
⁃ Documenting Jazz on television

Proposals are invited as individual papers, joint papers, proposals for
themed panels and round-table discussions. Further information regarding
submitting proposals can be found at
Enquires and submissions can be sent to Dr Damian Evans (damianevans -at-


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