Call for Essays - To Each Their Own Pop. Music, Cinema and Television in
Europe in the Period of the Youth Movements (1960-1979)

Cinéma&Cie, no. 31 - Special issue edited by Massimo Locatelli, Alessandro
Bratus and Miguel Mera

The scope of this issue is to gather papers related to a decisive period in
the development of audiovisual media in contemporary Europe: the 60’s and
70’s are linked with different patterns of economic growth and consumption
across different countries, but nevertheless related to the diffusion of
television and the new technologies in the record industry, from both the
point of view of production and reproduction. Such changes determined the
emergence of new forms of expression, media aggregation and consumption
behaviors with respect to the past.

Complete presentation of the project:

Contributors are asked to submit an abstract (300-500 words, 5 keywords,
and 5 bibliographical references) and a short biographical note (150 words)
to italianway2pop -at- AND submissions -at-
, by February
20, 2018.

All notifications of acceptance will be sent no later than March 15, 2018.
After the notice of acceptance, 4,000-word essays will then be required by June
15, 2018, then they will be subjected to peer review


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