Journal of New Music Research, Volume 47, Issue 2, March 2018

A swingogram representation for tracking micro-rhythmic variation in jazz performances
Christian Dittmar, Martin Pfleiderer, Stefan Balke & Meinard Müller

A generative model for the characterization of musical rhythms
George Sioros, Matthew E. P. Davies & Carlos Guedes

Motion types of ancillary gestures in clarinet playing and their influence on the perception of musical performance
Anna E. Weiss, Manfred Nusseck & Claudia Spahn

Harmonic clusters and tonal cadences: Bayesian learning without chord identification
Ben Duane & Joseph Jakubowski

The leading sixth scale degree: A test of Day-O’Connell’s theory
Andrew Brinkman & David Huron

A review of manual and computational approaches for the study of world music corpora
Maria Panteli, Emmanouil Benetos & Simon Dixon


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