*XXIst Century Challenges to the History of XVIIIth Century Musical

11-12 June 2018
University of Turin (Italy)

Conference website:

*Keynote speakers*: Vanessa Agnew, Suzanne Aspden, Philip Bohlman, Martha
Feldman, Tomas McAuley

The last forty years of scholarly research on the Eighteenth century and on
the Enlightenment have deeply modified, enriched and maybe also confused
our understanding of that century, softening the disciplinary boundaries
and bringing social, gender and economic issues to the fore.
What impact, if any, have these studies had (or could these studies have)
on the history and study of XVIIIth Century Musical Aesthetics? Is it still
possible to pursue the study of XVIIIth Century Musical Aesthetics as if it
were a separate, independent, autonomous realm?

This International conference wishes to tackle these issues, in order to
build a more complex and varied picture of XVIIIth Century Musical
Aesthetics and to further a fruitful dialogue between musicologists and
eighteenth century scholars coming from other disciplinary perspectives.

A *programme* with abstracts of the free paper's sessions is available at

There are no fees for the participation or the attendance of the
conference. The conference will be held in English.

Organizers: Maria Semi – Alberto Rizzuti


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