Hey folks! Calontir's Soup kitchen at Gulf Wars needs OUR HELP! Volunteer
for one hour, or two, or 30 minutes, or 20 hours - It all helps. :) If
you've never experienced Soup Kitchen under the Purple Pavilion before, I
really encourage you to return to Calontir and do so. :-)
In Service, Eowyth

Forwarding message from Lady Idonea DeClarr, Soup Kitchen Coordinator for
Gulf Wars:

  The soup kitchen has two requests.

First, we need help prepping and making sandwiches. We start right after
the army leaves for battle, and we need ~5 people per day.
The battles are Tues 2:00, Wed 11:00, Thurs 2:00 and Fri 2:00. The Fri time
is the start of the second battle, the army doesn't come back in between.
The muster is usually a half hour to an hour before the battle depending on
where it is, we only need you for 30-45 minutes, it's not a huge
commitment. We don't do the Sat battle due to the time it takes us to clean
and pack up our stuff to load on to the kingdom trailer.
We also always need help serving. That begins when the army returns, we
give them a few minutes to drop their things and get out of their armour.
Unfortunately there is no way to specify a time due to delays in battle. If
you would like to help please be aware of when the army does return. Friday
is the ravine battle and historically that is the day Master Magnus has his
mint julep party so that day is very light for us. If you would want to
help with making sandwiches please PM me the day you would like to help
(Michele Herbst on Facebook - or just show up!). As I am leaving Wed
evening, Charles and Margaret will be the official soup kitchen workers
there on Thurs and Fri, please don't make them do it alone.

Second, with all the other fighter groups, equestrian, archery, cut and
thrust, etc. it is very hard to supply soup kitchen for everyone, we have
tried holding back some for the late comers but due to being scattered
around site and ending at different times most get left with nothing so, if
a representative of each group would please stay behind after muster, again
only 30-45 minutes, to help us prep and make sandwiches we will send a
"sack lunch" of sandwiches, jerky and little Debbie cakes with you for your
respective groups to enjoy.

          Thank you
                 In service,
                      Lady Idonea DeClare

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