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question has once more been raised about including location information
with the court summaries that Dorcas posts to the Falcon Banner.

We always link names in the post to 1) or
2) in order to provide that information.

I want to encourage everyone to keep these two sources updated.
*For the Calontiri Wikispace page:*

   - See the article Introduction to The Calontiri Wikispace
   article we published previously
   - Follow the instructions to create or update your page

* For the Calontir Order of Precedence page:*

   - Check your listing at
   - If changes need to be made, send them in an email to the Order of
   Precedence Clerk at [log in to unmask]

Our Kingdom is large in both numbers and geography. Keeping these resources
updated can help us stay connected to each other.
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