Don't forget to sign up for Volunteer Points at Gulf Wars - ANY time that
you spend helping to Marshal, Ground Crew, set-up, or clean-up can be
counted and your group of choice will receive actual monies for your work!

Given how much time we all spend volunteering at the equestrian, archery,
fighting, and other areas, this could really help boost a group's financial

Check your Kingdom for groups to donate to. Most of your Kingdom and local
groups can receive these funds (i.e. Shires, Baronies, etc.) As long as
they have a bank account, your Kingdom will be able to receive and allocate
the money as designated. :)

Sign up before war here:

And then you only need to log your hours at the equestrian tent daily. :)

Thank you all for your service, your support, and your participation. None
of this would be possible without all of your helping hands.

In Service,

Mistress Eowyth þa Siðend

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