Greetings Artisans - both Young and Old, Master and Student!

You are invited to an Arts Equestrienne Competition, to be held at the
Equestrian Field of Gulf Wars, during the Wood Jousting Tournament. Your
challenge is to showcase the Joust in any Medium as well as Livery and
Pageantry for the Medieval Cavalry and/or the Joust. This can include items
such as barding, caparisons, paintings of such things, helmet crests,
ecranches, or proper favors such as those given to chevaliers to carry on
the field with honor. Your options are many!

Judging will occur during the Jousting Tournament, by our Ladies of the
Rose, as well as Populace that is in attendance. Minimum Documentation (3x5
card with what/when/where) is encouraged (especially for Adult entrants),
but not required. Our goal is to encourage the arts & sciences related to
our noble equestrians.

All entrants will receive a prize from the host of this competition, Señor
Pedro Vizcaina of Calontir. The winner will receive a gift certificate to a
merchant's booth on Merchant row.

We also encourage Youth participation! For those who need help and support,
Señor Pedro will be visiting the Page School tent throughout the week to
help the youth there create entries to present at the competition.

We look forward to seeing your entries and thank you for participating in
this most noble of pursuits!

And all are welcome to view the entries, watch the Jousting Tournament, and
enjoy an afternoon on the Equestrian Field of Gulf Wars!

When: Wednesday, March 14th, 1-3pm
Where: Equestrian Field

Ever in Service,

Mistress Eowyth þa Siðend & Señor Pedro Vizcaina
Kingdom of Calontir

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