I get exactly the same message when I print, *and* because I could never 
figure it out, I just ignore it.  Epson always passes the buck when it 
comes to wrangling Adobe-related probs.  You would think that they could 
interact a little better?

On 2/26/2018 2:33 PM, Britt Griswold wrote:
> I wonder if you have the right print driver hooked up for that printer..
> You might try making a new printing que and make sure you have the 
> driver specifically for that printer model selected?  Just an idea.
> Britt
> On 2/26/18 5:04 PM, Lynette Cook wrote:
>> Emily, when I click on the Print Settings button I get the dialog box 
>> with the drop-down menu that has Media & Quality, Layout, Paper 
>> Handling, Cover Page, and Supply Levels. There's no "Color Settings" 
>> in my drop-down list.
>> Under the Printer name there is a "Default Settings" drop-down menu 
>> where I can choose "Color" as a Preset, but all it does is allow me 
>> to change the "Quality" from "Normal" to "Best."
>> I was on the phone with Adobe for 1 1/2 hours and feel I accomplished 
>> nothing. The tech was trying to get the Adobe RGB 1998 ICC profile in 
>> the right folder where it would show up in the "Printer Profile" 
>> drop-down menu in the Photoshop Print Settings window, but he was 
>> unsuccessful. He told me to try the two Epson printer profiles in the 
>> list - or upgrade to High Sierra which might have additional profiles 
>> to try - or call Epson back and tell them that Adobe did all they 
>> could to help me. I had a feeling this is where I'd end up.
>> Lynette
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