This afternoon there has been a rash of emails coming from different accounts that either have the subject line “Shared a file with you using One Drive” or “Important Document”.  These emails are designed to trick the email recipient to either click on a link to a malicious download or open an attached document with malicious content.  Whenever you receive an email like, from ANYONE – including a co-worker, please verify with the person they sent you the file by email BEFORE clicking on the attachment, or the web link provided. 


Never open a document you were not expecting; never click on links you don’t know where they are going or if you don’t know the sender.  Be an email skeptic!  Don’t be tricked.  If you received one of the following emails, or one like it, and either opened the attachment or clicked on the link to open a document, contact your IT support to run a malware scan on your computer.  If any malware is found, contact the ITS Security or Help Desk team to report a possible compromised computer for further instruction.


Here are two examples of emails with malicious links or attachments:



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