Dear Shinya,

The name suggests "Scarabaeus bellicosus Olivier".  

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Scarab^ belliqueux. Scarjibjeus bellicosus. Pl. 2 2. flg. 32.3. Se. D'un noir violet 5 tête avec une longue corne recourbée ; corcelet coupé , inégal, avec deux cornes comprimées, élevées. Se. Exscutellatus , capitis cornu recurvo ; thorace truncato inoequali , cor* nubus duobus compressis,.erectis. SimilisScarab. lancifero , at ...


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Subject: determination of picture
Dear Scarab Fans,

Greetings from Tokyo, Japan. Attached picture is a piece of drawing which my
friend bought in antique shop in Venezia, Italy. The shop owner said it is
from 18th century. It is 4x8 cm in size, and framed by my friend.

My friend wants to know the name of the original book, and also the name of
this beetle. Could someone help me ?

Shinya KAWAI (Tokyo, Japan)
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