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Receive a cordial greeting.

I send you in attachment some of the papers of Yves Cambefort and Thérèse about their studies in Afrotropical Copris. I hope some of them will be useful.

Best regards,

Jorge Ari Noriega

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Subject: pdf request

Greetings everyone!

Does someone have a pdf of "CAMBEFORT, Y. (1996b). "Phylogénie et biogéographie du genre afrotropical Milichus Péringuey, avec la description de cinq espèces et d'une sous-espèce nouvelles." Bulletin de la Société entomologique de France 101(2): 159-169” to share? I’m also interested in pdfs of his works on Afrotropical Copris, too.

All the best, ART EVANS

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