Calontir, Gulf Wars may be near on the horizon, but so is the deadline
to register to teach classes at Lilies War and get them in the War book
schedule, which is April 15th. Lilies is the perfect place to consider
teaching classes on martial related subjects, as there is room for
hands on training, opportunities to apply classroom learning to the
field, and it's a place that brings together many of our martial
activities in one place. 

Please consider signing up and teaching a class--maybe its period
fighting techniques, a lecture on the history of some battle, how to
make armor or martial related clothing, period barding for equestrian,
how to make shafted combat archery arrows, or something interesting
about the life and times of a medieval soldier or archer, and more. You
don't have to be an expert on a subject to teach a class, you just need
to be excited to share. 

Register your class at and if you need
additional assistance with resources as you develop your class over the
next few months, let me know.

In service, 
Sir Mathieu Chartrain (Matt Karr)
Martial studies deputy

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