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First City Clock

In 1356 the City of Bologna’s first city clock is unveiled. Installed in
the Palazzo Capitanato at the Piazza, it strikes the hours for the first
time on this day.

Since it was in Italy, the clock was set to “Italian time.” The first hour
of the day was a half-hour after sunset. The hours proceeded clockwise
around the clock face, with the 19th hour at about the spot where we would
have 12. It struck the 24th hour about a half hour before sunset, ringing
the bell or bells 24 times. The clock pictured here, which is still in
Venice, is similar to the one Bologna had.

Italian time required the clock minders to reset the clock every three
weeks or so because the days would grow longer or shorter, depending on the
season. They had to lift and move the heavy iron clock works backwards or
forwards so that the first hour rang a half-hour after sunset. Strange as
this system was, it continued for a long time in Italy, Hungary and some
other scattered places.
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