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Gleaned from the Calonlist. Organizer links have been changed to email
addresses instead of Facebook links:

A&S classes and activities will continue to be scheduled freely, we’re also
organizing a multi-day celebration of the many of the possible cultures and
time periods that make up the “pre-seventeenth century world.”

• Sunday: Sixteenth Century Europe – Mistress Sibilla Swain
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• Monday: Mongolia – TRM Ashir and Ashland ( Through their chamberlain
<[log in to unmask]> Mistress Ishmala
• Tuesday: Norse – Ylva kennara Jonsdottir <[log in to unmask]>
• Wendesday: The Islamic World – Mistress Rahil Al-Sirhaan
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• Thursday: Japan – The Honorable Lord Saito Takauji <[log in to unmask]>
• Friday: Late Middle Ages – The Honorable Lady Maegwynn Attewode
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Each day of the “world tour” will begin with a 9:30 intro to their era
and/or culture, but thematic classes and activities are being asked for to
accompany the morning tour meetings.

Please reach out to the organizers of the days you are interested in, and
I’m happy to answer questions or point you in the right direction.

If you’re interested in teaching a world tour day class, please submit it
via the class form in addition to reaching out to an organizer:  Class
Submission Form <>

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