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Courtesy of the Knowne World Memorial Shield Project

Lord Sveinn Njallson <> has
passed after a valorous battle with
He is survived by his lady wife, Lady Ragnheiðr Refsdóttir
<>, and his
son Kristian. He is preceded by his first wife, Dagny Vigunnsdatter,
<> of blessed memory.

Sveinn was squired to Syr Duncan Eardstapa

Svein joined the SCA in 1979. Though he could not travel extensively, he
was a constant and stalwart member of the Kingdom of Calontir and of the
Barony of Three Rivers. He served in the baronial guard for a time, also
receiving the Order of Three Rivers Silver and the Baron’s Order of

His Kingdom awards include the Order of the Iren-Fyrd, Order of the Leather
Mallet and Order of the Torse.

While he is remembered as a stalwart brother in arms, Sveinn is also
remembered as being kind, helpful and welcoming to newcomers, always
willing to share his knowledge of Norse lifestyle.  Not seeking the
spotlight, he nevertheless worked behind the scenes, quietly and
competently, to insure thing ran smoothly.

Sveinn also participated in equestrian activities. From Sir Sato Jiro

Sveinn, before his cancer was diagnosed had been coming to B3R equestrian
practices regularly and was learning to do mounted combat on our mules.
After he was diagnosed and had begun treatment he continued to come to
practices and continued to ride for some time even while on harsh Chemo
treatments. His refusal to give up doing things he loved (like riding the
mules in combat) even when feeling unwell was an inspiration to many of us
equestrians in Three Rivers.

In origin, the term chivalry means “horsemanship”, formed in Old French, in
the 11th century, from chevalier (horseman, knight). Sveinn showed me he
was a horseman and he was full of Chivalry with his bravery.


Finally, here is a story shared by Lady Pádraigín an Ein i gh

Not many know this, as I officially joined SCA later in my life – but I’ve
known a very special, wise, clever and amazing man known as Sveinn (Duane
Nelson) for a while now.
I was 13 when I met him and his first wife at a NYE party hosted by
Jennifer Llewelyn. The funny thing about SCA people is they don’t see a
teenager or a toddler, they just see smaller humans and treat them with
respect and inquire and show genuine interest. I was f—ing shy when I was
13, and I remember reading this book at the start of the NYE party and
Duane came up to me and just started to inquire about the book and talking
to me like an adult – a new thing for me to experience. He recommended some
authors I might like and to this day, they are some of my favorite authors.
I will never forget heading to my first(ish) event (I was there a total of
3 hours, so I don’t really count it) that same year and every time I saw
Duane, he’d always ask how I was doing, was I enjoying myself, had I drank
water, you know the typical SCA hospitality questions.
When I officially joined the SCA 6 years ago, I walked up to Duane and
asked if he remembered me and he gave me the biggest hug and said, “Welcome
Back, of COURSE I remember you.” He was, in part one of the reasons I
decided to jump in feet first with the SCA. He was a familiar face in an
unknowing crowd and that was always comforting.
A few months ago my goddaughter and I met Duane and Rebecca at Central
Reform Congregation for an evening service. Rebeca was walking my
goddaughter through the service, as she is planning on converting.
Afterwards we went out to dinner at Ari’s. And I will never forget what
Duane said after her ordered the lamb chops: “Always order the lamb chops.
Our own lives are fleeting and precious if you want the lamb chops, order
the damn lamb chops.”
May Vallhalla greet you with songs and mead a’plenty.

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