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Courtesy of the Knowne World Memorial Shield Project

Lady Ciarnait inghean uí Mheadhra (Elizabeth Ravenscroft) passed away on Thursday morning, February 22nd, 2018. No information on memorial services was available at the time of publication.

Over the years she was apprenticed to Mistress Bess Darnley, then was fostered to Mistress Luciana di Ridolfi. After Luci passed, she became the protege of Countess Comyn Hrothwyn of Goldum Aecum (Shadow).

She was a strong and supporting member of the Shire of Dun Ard, who worked hard to maintain the group. Between her work and health her activity level in the SCA dropped off over the years but any event held in Dun Ard had her hand in planning in some capacity.

She was also a talented costumer, who produced beautiful Elizabethan garb.

Bess: “She truly was a gentle soul who had no real idea of the positive impact she had on people around her.”

Shadow: “She always had a willing, open heart and an ‘helium hand’ when helping others discover her love of costuming and the SCA. Her life didn’t allow her participation sadly but she was there helping in the shadows. She will be missed.”

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