Greetings current and future List Coordinators!

I wanted to inform you of an awesome opportunity at Gulf Wars. Some of you have asked how you could help on the equestrian field, and while there are many opportunities for non-riders to lend a helping hand (water-bearing, ground crewing, picture-taking, horse-holding, etc.), there is one that brings many of these together - The List Coordinator. However, running an equestrian list is a little more tricky than a normal fighting tournament and as such, Mistress Nikolena has been asked to host a class that discusses these differences (and similarities) and how to juggle the unique situation of an equestrian list. 

The class will be on Sunday at the Equestrian Tent from 11am-12pm. She will have hand-outs and examples. AND, we'll have a sign-up for the week's tournaments if you'd like to put your newfound knowledge to work!

DayTimeAreaClass NameMarshal/MiTList CoordinatorHerald(s)
Sunday10am - 11amArena 2Mounted Archery 101HL Rhiannon of Anglesey and HL Alessandra de Piro
Sunday11am - 12pmArena 2Mounted Archery 102HL Rhiannon of Anglesey and HL Alessandra de Piro
Sunday12pm - 2pmArena 1Driving Course PracticumLancer Kiltigern MacClibarn
Sunday12pm - 2pmArena 2Mounted Combat (foam)Sir Richard DeBleys
Monday10am - 12pmArena 2Pick A Few It’s Up to YouLady Elizabeth Walker of Paisley
Monday12pm - 1pmArena 2Mounted Archery ChallengeHL Alessandra de Piro and Dame Macha
Monday12pm - 1pmArena 1Mounted Combat Tourney [WAR POINT] THL Mirabelis
Tuesday1pm - 4pmArena 2Foam Joust Tourney [WAR POINT] Master Eule von HaginbaldLead: Nikolena
Wednesday1pm - 4pmArena 2Wood Joust TourneyMaster Eule von HaginbaldLead: Nikolena
Thursday10am - 12pmArena 1Heads Will RollLady Elizabeth Walker of Paisley
Thursday2pm - 4pmArena 2Calontir ChallengeHL Rhiannon of Anglesey
Thursday4pm - 6pmArena 2BuzkashiLancer Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars
Friday10am - 12pmArena 2Middle Kingdom Challenge CourseLancer Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars
Friday10am - 12pmArena 1Rivers of BloodSaito Jiro, OC, Calontir
Friday1pm - 3pmArena 2DaikuLancer Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars
Friday3:30pm - 4:30pmArena 2Tippet TagBaroness Nem Inghean Dochartaigh

In Service,

Eowyth (on behalf of Nikolena)
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