I began investigating CrashPlan, and they have discontinued the
"Crashplan for Home" and are only keeping "CrashPlan for Small 
Business".. If one is interested in the smaller scale/cheaper service, 
they recommend Carbonite.. with a link to their site. (If you already 
have "CrashPlan for Home" they offer a good discount for a year to 
Carbonite, with free transfer of data.)

I called  Carbonite. Their simple plan, "One computer", has three 
options. Click the Buy Now button to access the "Plus" and the "Prime" 
options. -The Basic, for $72/yr, is unlimited backup on one computer, 
and it's internal hard drive. Manual video upload only.
The Plus, $112/yr, has external hard drive backup as well, and automatic 
video backup.
The Prime, $150yr, has all of the above and a Courier recovery service, 
which means they will send a hard drive to you if you need to restore a 
lot of files (plus $9.99)....
**NOTE, they do not, under any plan, let you mail in a hard drive to be 

The CrashPlan for Small Business touts a $10/mo plan (with no extra 
charges), cancel at any time. : so I did some further reading. Their 
sales dept is closed on weekends, so I wrote on their contact form my 
questions.   I want to confirm that I could sending them a hard drive to 
start the process. And to find any "extra hidden charges"..  AND also 
they say can back up as many devices as needed - I'm asking for the 
extra charges and to define that, does it include more than one external 
hard drive.



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