OH, I cringed when I read that, for I have done that very thing. What a 
horrible feeling!
Whoo Hoo for Carbonite!

I'm finding that these plans are similar in price and in methods. With 
the major difference (for my use) being they are stored like using Time 
Machine or they function as an external hard drive with ability to 
manually move things around in the cloud.
After losing that hard drive, and comparing what was lost on it via 
DiskCatalogMaker, I am discovering my lapses in consistency in archiving 
and redundancy backups. Not with the job files, but with my travel 
photos. Those will be the most problematic.

Most folks have a double- or triple-backup system, meaning they use 
external hard drives, a dropbox-type mid-term retrieval system, and a 
long-term archive system. I like the options and safeguards with using 
all three.

My greatest challenge will be to organize all external hard drives in 
preparation of uploading to the cloud.

Yay for backups!!

Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, President

On 3/26/18 10:29 AM, Chris Gralapp wrote:
> This is a little off topic, but I had a good experience with Carbonite 
> the other day:
> Do you know that sinking feeling you get after a major Photoshop 
> boo-boo?  Ughhh.  I had accidentally flattened a big PS layers file 
> (and Saved it, of course, and Closed it!)  I uttered a string of 
> expletives, but I had the idea that maybe I could go to my Carbonite, 
> and find the same file, still in its full layered glory. There is a 
> lag time between the time you save and the time that Carbonite 
> updates.  I found the file, restored it to my hard drive, and so the 
> day was saved.  To me, that single experience was worth the price of 
> admission.
> Carbonite and DropBox both have saved my bacon a number of times.  
> Even tho Carbonite has a price tag attached, it is just a cost of 
> doing business for me, and I find its versatility and ease of use 
> great for my peace of mind. I got the DropBox Plus plan, and it also 
> features 30 days of version recovery in case it's needed. It comes 
> with 1TB of storage.
> Chris

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