Linda, you beat me to it… Yes, CrashPlan discontinued their plan for individuals. And so you must migrate or use one of their business plans, as you outline below.

Carbonite has the limitation that it does not back up external drives from a Mac… unless they’ve changed that (I haven’t checked recently). So this renders it useless for me.

My user group likes BackBlaze, and that is what I’m switching to (from CrashPlan). It does back up external Mac drives. The price is reasonable at about $60/yr.

I have 4 TB of data to backup. I’m going on about 5 months now, and there are still about 200MB to go. But I have DSL, so have slow upload speeds. But it depends on traffic at their end too, so in other words, it may take a while. I hit a snag while some files were being backed up and had frequent crashes, but that has passed. I do pause the backup while I’m working on graphics files. But then I also have an old (9 yrs) computer. I’m going to bite the bullet and upgrade this summer, which means upgrading a number of peripherals, not the least of which is my RAID which isn’t supported by the new OS. No pain, no gain, I guess.

I should say BackBlaze has a nice feature… you can retrieve a file from your backup on any computer. So if I’m teaching and I’ve forgotten a file, I can retrieve it on a computer at the college. So that’s kind of nice. Note that it does not backup all system files, if you intend to use it to backup your main drive. I use Time Machine for that, and a local hard drive (my Time Capsule failed long ago). 

Part of me, just for the hell of it, wants to see if I can push my iMac to 10 years of use. But I’ll probably trade it in, if that offer is still available from Apple. The upgrade won’t be cheap. I had planned to upgrade over the winter break… but I bought a handmade guitar instead. Hey, I’m a sucker for a beautiful guitar, and this one is a parlor guitar modeled after one that was made in 1830. Pretty cool.


On Mar 25, 2018, at 2:32 PM, Linda Feltner <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

I began investigating CrashPlan, and they have discontinued the 
"Crashplan for Home" and are only keeping "CrashPlan for Small Business".. If one is interested in the smaller scale/cheaper service, they recommend Carbonite.. with a link to their site.  (If you already have "CrashPlan for Home" they offer a good discount for a year to Carbonite, with free transfer of data.)

I called  Carbonite. Their simple plan, "One computer", has three options. Click the Buy Now button to access the "Plus" and the "Prime" options. -The Basic, for $72/yr, is unlimited backup on one computer, and it's internal hard drive. Manual video upload only.
The Plus, $112/yr, has external hard drive backup as well, and automatic video backup. 
The Prime, $150yr, has all of the above and a Courier recovery service, which means they will send a hard drive to you if you need to restore a lot of files (plus $9.99).... 
**NOTE, they do not, under any plan, let you mail in a hard drive to be copied. 

The CrashPlan for Small Business touts a $10/mo plan (with no extra charges), cancel at any time. : so I did some further reading. Their sales dept is closed on weekends, so I wrote on their contact form my questions.   I want to confirm that I could sending them a hard drive to start the process. And to find any "extra hidden charges"..  AND also they say can back up as many devices as needed - I'm asking for the extra charges and to define that, does it include more than one external hard drive. 


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