​​I haven’t spent hard time looking into this, but my conception is that a company was born that was called AutoMontage that sold a system that created “focus stacked” photos. 

Now, like kleenex and google, it seems that the company name “AutoMontage” has become “automontage”, a noun, verb, adjective, etc. for any focus stacked image.  I’m guilty of this when I speak to colleagues and the common man. 

How do we deal with this? Do we accept it and move on? (Fine by me.) Do we have a better name for the process? And how does this all sound when written out? 

The issue I have now is “comparison with automontage images of an authoritatively identified specimen”. 

Several possible solutions: 
“comparison with automontaged images”
“comparison with automontage-images”
“comparison with focus stacked images created using a(an) XXXX system" (where XXXX is the official name of the system used)

Any ideas? 



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