Also the Thaddeus Harris Collection at the MCZ has often been used to designate Say neotypes because Say determined much of it.

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This is an excellent paper and brings to the forefront the habits of the earlier entomologists who typically exchanged examples of their species (many specimens of which were syntypes) to colleagues. In Diptera, extant syntypes of Say material was recognized by both Meigen and Wiedemann who marked them in their works as having seen them in the collections in Europe they had borrowed or were under their curation. I would imagine more Say syntypes in other groups exist if they are sought out as Prens has done.

Kudos to him for his work!


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For many years it has been assumed that specimens from the Thomas Say collection were largely destroyed but a really nice just published review by Jens Prena shows that in fact many of Say’s types have resided unrecognized in European collections as a result of early exchanges he made with prominent European Naturalists. This is an excellent piece of “entomological sleuthing” and even if you’re not interested in weevils may have implications for your taxa if Say described species in your groups.

Here is an abstract of the paper.

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