I saw Say specimens in the Breme collection in Turin years ago.


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Hi Bob,

I should think weevil experts at the European collections were making the exchanges, whereas other families were not so lucky as to have European lifeboats. I'm sure Lindroth would have seen Say carabid material in Stockholm, for example. However Halle and Berlin would have been harder for him to get to, though easier for him than for a north american during the 1960's. Nonetheless Fritz Hieke would have noticed any such specimens in the Berlin Museum. At any rate, Neotypes designated by Carl Lindroth and Rick Freytag (1969 Psyche 76(3): 326-361) solved the issue for Say's carabids. 

Thanks for the reference. 


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Subject: An Annotated Inventory of the Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) Described by Thomas Say

For many years it has been assumed that specimens from the Thomas Say collection were largely destroyed but a really nice just published review by Jens Prena shows that in fact many of Say’s types have resided unrecognized in European collections as a result of early exchanges he made with prominent European Naturalists. This is an excellent piece of “entomological sleuthing” and even if you’re not interested in weevils may have implications for your taxa if Say described species in your groups.   


Here is an abstract of the paper.  http://www.bioone.org/doi/abs/10.3099/MCZ161-09.1


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