Still traveling. As with you, this part of the trip has been just as productive: museum/collection work has been VERY good; field work so far has been almost a bust. They have been very dry this winter and things are not moving.  On the other hand, we (I) goofed big. I should have grabbed bags of the packrat detritus to Berlese. We may have missed up to 4 other aphodiine species some of which are rather rare.  Need to keep this in mind.

    One good thing, We went out with Jim Sauliner today and found one of his gopher dung piles!  Did not see larvae, but who knows. He will work on it, and we will try for more tomorrow.  Besides getting Jim’s steno’s (which have some very interesting things), he brought a strange little thing from Arizona that looks like neotomae. The most exciting thing was Bill’s finding of 2 new species near walshii (or a related genera) from the middle of New Mexico, in horrible flat lands. More on these later. Seems it will never end!



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Hi Everyone,


I’m looking for three publications.  Please send a PDF, if possible.


                Horn, G. H.  1876.  Revision of the United States species of Ochodaeus and other genera of Scarabaeidae.  Trans. Amer. Ent. Soc., V, pp. 177-197.


                Fall, H. C.  1901.  Notes on Dichelonycha and Catharis, with descriptions of new species in other genera.  Trans. Amer. Ent. Soc., XXVII, pp. 277-310.


                Casey, T. L.  1909.  Studies in the Caraboidea and Lamellicornia.  Can. Ent., XLI, pp. 253-284.


Thanks in advance,


Ron McPeak