Greetings Calontir!

Have you ever wanted to participate in the running of Lilies? The committee
is currently looking for a few new committee members. One of the positions
that will be opening is the Lilies Committee Merchant Liaison.

This position is a full member of the committee, attending meetings, voting
on proposed plans and changes, and actively giving commentary to the
committee chair when requested. There are a few other things that this
position entails that are different than general committee members.

As the Merchant Liaison you would be working very closely with the Merchant
Coordinator. The Merchant Coordinator is a member of the staff selected by
the autocrats each year. As the Merchant Liaison you would be the point of
contact for merchants each year when a Merchant Coordinator has not been
selected yet. The Merchant Liaison also keeps several years of records for
the merchants since the coordinator has the potential to change people each
year. If there are any changes to merchant policy or paperwork it is the
responsibility of the Merchant Liaison to update the paperwork, and get the
needed approvals. If requested, the Merchant Liaison can also be active in
process of assigning merchant locations at the war. Lastly, if there are
any issues or non-compliant merchants during the war, it is the
responsibility of the Merchant Liaison to track those issues and send any
documentation needed to the committee chair, and those individuals involved
if there will be any action needed by them to continue to merchant at
Lilies. All of those policies are outlined in the merchant paperwork.

If you have any questions about the position, please contact Mistress
Miranda Logansdottir ([log in to unmask]) or Mistress Rebecca Beaumont
([log in to unmask]) for more details.

If you are interested in being considered to fill this position, please
send a letter (e-mail) to both Mistress Rebecca Beaumont (
[log in to unmask]) and Their Majesties ([log in to unmask])
with your request to be considered.

In Service,

Rebecca Beaumont,
Lilies War Committee Chair

Baroness Rebecca Beaumont, O.P.
Shire of Oakheart
Kingdom of Calontir

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