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Unknown Artist. Minstrels with a Rebec & a Lute.
13th c. Manasseh Codex. El Escorial, Madrid. Public domain in the US

Are you getting ready for the flytes at Bardic Bedlam this weekend? A flyte is a challenge to try something you might otherwise not have tried! We’ve all agreed to be silly, so no one has to worry about looking silly. No judging, no winners, and no need to worry about whether something is “good enough.” Everyone gets a prize/token. Jump in with both feet, because the goal is always to have fun.

There are six different flytes:
Worth Your Salt
(Mistress Dorcas Whitecap) To be “worth one’s salt” is to be worthy of one’s pay. As the coin of the bard is words, payment is due to others in word-fame. Perform a piece in praise of another. Praise their deeds, virtues or any quality you would like in whatever form pleases you. Salt references optional, but encouraged.
Bring Out Your Bagpipes
(Lady Elaisse de Garrigues) Any performance including a musical instrument, whether you’re treating us to a sackbut solo or using a drum to add spice to a story.
Response Songs, Retort Songs, or Songs from the Other Side
(Lady Ximena Echeberria) Like Maldon & At The Battle of Maldon, Raven Banner & Brian Boru, or Do Virgins Taste Better & The Dragon’s Retort. New & original work will always be appreciated, but not required.
Haiku Toasts
(Their Excellencies Lonely Tower,Augustin & Aleit) We wish to challenge the bards to make toasts in honor of any individual, whether royal or not, whether bard or not, or whether it be a general type of person, perhaps bard, artist, newbie, fighter, and the like. These toasts shall be made in the traditional form of haiku!
Calontir History
(Mistress Katriana op den Dijk) Share a song or story, about or from, Calontir’s history. It can be something you put together (like Dolan with his”Pavel Gets Hurt” saga) or something created by someone else (like the Pict Song popular in our rebel days).
Some of Dulcibella’s Favorite Things
(Lady Dulcibella de Chateaurien) Present a written work or performance created on or before the day of the event that incorporates at least three things from this list of seven of my favorite things:
a mermaid
a heart
a sonnet (They don’t necessarily have to write a sonnet. They can just mention one in their work.)
a quill pen
a cat

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