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On this day in 1429, a teenaged Jeanne d’Arc enters the besieged city of
Orleans, rallying the French forces. By May 7 the French will break the
siege, with Jeanne joining the armed forces on the field, holding her
banner high.

Jeanne did not “lead” the armies. Noblemen commanders led their men on the
field. However, many of these noblemen took the advice Jeanne offered them.
Like the French king, the commanders believed her advice was divinely
inspired. And Jeanne’s banner on the field brought hope to the French, who
were losing badly to the invading English up until that time. During the
year Jeanne was with the French army, it enjoyed more success than it had
for years beforehand.

Jeanne will receive an arrow wound between her neck and shoulder during the
May 7 battle, but it won’t deter her. She will return to the field in time
to encourage the French forces to victory over the English.

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