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the Boyer

March 26th Logan the Bowyer <>
passed away.

Logan was a brother Boga Fyrd, and a stalwart supporter of the Barony of
Coeur d’Ennui.

Logan also acted as a court herald when called upon. In fact, he was always
ready to perform any service for his Barony and Kingdom.

Most people remember his kindness, his willingness to help and his joy. He
was always willing to help new archers, and to expand our understanding of
the art. But it did not end with archery; Logan would help anyone with
anything. Simply being there, with a smile and a willing set of hands, was
his great strength.

He also loved the making of things, receiving a Leather Mallet for his
cooking and woodworking. He loved learning, and would ask very tough,
detailed questions in his quest to grasp a concept.

Logan embodied the yeoman archer of “Strike the Drum” and well deserves to
have the song sung in his memory:

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