WHOA! Congrats!!! :) 


On Sun, Apr 1, 2018 at 1:38 PM, Doug & Deb Kuehne <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Greetings to one and all!

From Abaigeal Fairchild to Zornica Rugmaker, all of Calontir’s heraldic submissions from the time we were raised to a Kingdom (and some from the Principality & Warlord days) through my time as submissions herald have now been copied and saved for future reference. I started 23 June 2015, and just wrapped up the last file just a few minutes ago, copying 12 legal-sized boxes containing about 2,200 files with registered items and about 100 files of returned items that had been mistakenly put in the “registered” items.

Now, if I don’t see my staple-puller anytime soon, it’ll make me incredibly happy!

My heartfelt thanks to:
-Baroness Konstantia Gold Falcon Emerita, Mistress Dorcas Gold Falcon Emerita/Eyas Herald, and Takauji Gold Falcon for their support
-Lord Gotfrid Saker Herald, who is doing the quality control of all of the scanning
-Baroness Shauna of Carrick Point, SCA Heraldry Archivist,  for copies of missing papers to complete the files
-my husband, Berndt, who gave up his office, computer, and time we could have spent together so this project could be completed

It has been an interesting journey through the various variations of forms and documentation!

Ich hilfe,
Brigida von München
Purple Falcon & Calontir Archivist
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