Hi Calontir,

Some consistent feedback from our A&S survey last year was confusion about changing A&S schedules and cancellations during the war.

To alleviate that, the A&S team is planning on having a Signage Coordinator to keep war attendees updated about schedule changes.

​However, our
 original Signage Coordinator is now unable to make it to Lilies, so we're looking for someone to take on the job!  The role's responsibilities are:

1. Daily checkins with the A&S team coordinator or deputy (Hugo van Harlo or Ælin Kausi) and the class coordinator (Judith Champcenest) about schedule changes.

2. Passing important updates to the camp criers.

3. Posting updates to a set of three A&S Announcements sandwich boards we're which will be stationed at the Battlefield/Royal Pavilion, the A&S Tents/Showers, and either the Merchants area or Food Court.

These board updates will need to be made daily, either the preceding night or before
the first
​ ​
8:00am classes each morning, so we'll need someone responsible who can

A. Commit to those hours,

B. Delegate
​ ​
​to ​
& coordinate with a small tea
they are
​ welcome to create​

If you're interested in helping, please let me know!

Vw Nederige Dienaar,
Hvgo Jonkheer van Harlo
(mka Will)
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