Thanks Linda, I appreciate the heads up! Since I was on the other side of the Adobe/Macromedia merge, I did a lot of work in Freehand and have plenty of files in the archive. Hadn't tried opening one lately, but guess I won't get rid of those old CS5 discs after all! Thanks again!

On Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 11:29 AM, Linda Feltner <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi All:
With the thread of backups and various storage for archiving projects, I encountered an interesting road-block.

With my upgrade to Adobe Suite CC, it will not open "some" older Illustrator files. It is showing the project files as a dark gray icon with green letters in the upper left "exec".  These are very tiny files, unlike the original project file.  It also had no extension, so I couldn't tell what kind of file it was to begin with.

I went to the knowledgebase, which did discuss the issue, but did not solve it.
The knowledgebase went on a severe tangent because folks did not read correctly and droned on about "exe" files and said they were Windows products, blah blah.  But this has nothing to do with being created on a Windows machine. Read EXEC, not EXE.

But what I did glean, was that if one selects the file (which has the extension removed) and uses File>Get Info (or key command), then it showed me under Kind: "Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 Document"..   This is confusing because it is in no way a CC document. Originally created around 1998, and in Freehand.  It had been opened and updated to an Adobe Illustrator product a few years ago, when I backed up all the client files into a new system. BUT, seeing it might be an Illustrator file, it lead me to open an old iMac that I have not recycled yet, which had Adobe Suite CS5 on it.  The file was recognized, even though it did not have an extension. It asked to convert a Freehand file, YES Please!  And it worked.  I saved it as an EPS file, that worked great. It also saved as a CS5 file.  However, it has truncated all the links, such as "blackbd scan1200dpi.tif" to "0dpi.tif".. so I need to manually rename all the links to match the archive job files in the folder. 

I have converted it to a Illustrator CC file, there are some issues, but I think it's better than no file at all!.

So, thank you Apple for giving me and my client palpitations.
Without the older programs on my yet-to-be-recycled computer, I would have been spending hours trying to find it in the knowledgebase.

So, hopefully this is helpful for any who don't know about "exec" files (it could be just me).



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