Hi, All -
No family trip this year, just me heading to the conference. Bob & I are 
thinking of driving to his sister's place near Allentown, he'll stay 
there for the week, and I'll probably catch the busto the Philly main 
station, then transfer to a bus (or a train?) to DC, then a cab I guess 
to the college. Then walk with my luggage? How far is it from where cabs 
are supposed to drop us off to the registration and dorms? Any thoughts 
on train vs. bus, or otherwise getting around in DC?

I'm not sure if I want to come in on Saturday or Sunday; I usually like 
an extra day to get my bearings, but I'm balancing that with my budget. 
I'm only staying for the core conference and will head back on Thursday.

Any hints for a non-solo, normally-rider-in-the-car traveler who has 
little cab or train experience will be appreciated.


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