Hi Clara,

I upgraded from MacOS High Siena 10-13-3 to 10.13.4 and my licensed copies of Photoshop CS5.1 and Photoshop CS6 ceased to function properly. (This was an automatic update.  I have since deactivated that auto update function in the operating system).   After that update, I couldn’t process RAW files.   I had never joined the Adobe Creative Cloud since I saw no compelling reason for paying another Adobe Photoshop license.  Fortunately, by trial and error I discovered that by using my regular, old Adobe ID, I could formally join “Adobe Creative Commons” and all of a sudden I had access to the specific upgrade for my licensed CS6 (resident on my local computer), that allowed me to resume processing RAW files.  The upgrade per se is free.  Fortunately, everything now works.

However, I simultaneously received a notice from Apple saying that all future upgrades in the MacOS will require the the developers (in this case Adobe), to write some other modification that will be compatible with a newer 64-bit Apple processing environment.  (I believe everything I run on my Macs have been 32-bit for years).   I frankly don’t know what the difference is, but I made sure I now have automatic upgrades on my MacOS turned off.  The last thing I want to deal with is the mess that occurred when the High Sierra “minor” upgrade went from 10.13.3 to 10.13.4 and Photoshop went off the rails.  Hoping that Adobe would continue to write any further modifications to keep older, licensed, non-Cloud versions of Photoshop compatible with the future all 64-bit Mac environment may be a pipe dream.

I don’t use iPhotos, but I do major backups on external drives, monthly DVDs, and iCloud. But my experience with keeping CS6 running might be of importance to you in your situation and to others who had struggled with the issue of when to “give up” and purchase subscriptions to Photoshop CC.

Mike Rothman

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Hello my Sci-Art friends,

I am (quite) belatedly facing a major OS upgrade to my Mac and realizing I will face Photos. As I migrate (having backed up everything 3 ways), what else should I look out for? What monsters lurk in the corner and what cool new tools might help me?

I am more certain (never be certain) I will have an abiding relationship with Apple than Adobe CC, so I have not wanted to marry myself to Adobe for photos (much as I like Bridge for certain design projects).

So far my library is all in one place, but iPhoto appears to not be very happy about my over 50Gb, so after I migrate I am likely to want to break it up by year or subject or something. I have both reference photos and family pix to deal with.

I do use keywords and their resulting Smart Albums; I am hoping I will not lose that function.

I am happy to do some reading but have not found a great deal.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you all for being there!

[who needs to get this whole project done in advance of layout for JNSI 2018 (2)]

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