I run into this occasionally with my wi-fi connected Epson multi-function printer at home. And my 
wife has to actually switch wi-fi connections to print. It is all very mysterious. I think these 
printer tend to go to sleep and then take a while to wake up. Instead of turning it off, try just 
selecting some options on the printer and see if the communications return.

I think the Mac printer cues also are not rechecking the printer situation automatically once they 
get no reply from the printer. I suspect it is all in service of minimizing power usage over 
"always-on" convenience.


On 4/27/18 2:48 PM, Linda Feltner wrote:
> HI All:
> My HP laser printer has been real cranky. Then it ran out of toner. I replaced the toner yesterday.
> Now it continues to do the same thing.  Each time I send something to print, it says "printer not 
> connected". I flip it off then on, tell the file to "pause" then "resume" during the restart, and 
> it prints.
> Do you think it's dying, or I could check to see if the printer driver is up to date? I'm on 
> Sierra 10.12.6, and have done recent security updates which may have done something with 
> communicating with the printer.
> Thoughts?
> P.S. Yes, it's plugged in..... :)

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