Hello everyone,

I am working on an etching of a black swallowtail butterfly based on some photos I took
and I needed more detailed information than my photos reveal. I just wanted to get
the parts right even though that is not the main focus of the work--although I suppose
it always should be! My  butterfly is on his back with his legs sort of mangled—poor thing.

Can someone recommend a good reference for butterfly morphology—either a book
or a website? I have some general invertebrate books here and have looked up some things on line, but many
illustrations I have seen are more diagrammatic—almost like a coloring book! I was hoping
to find a nice, accurate and detailed illustration.

Thanks to everyone in advance. This list is always so helpful.

Take care,

Wendy Beth Jackelow, MFA, CM, FAMI
Medical & Scientific Illustration

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