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Alfonso X “El Sabio” and his Court, 13th Century. Public domain in the US.

Unto the Great Calon Ordu do I send greetings,

Please be aware of the following meetings:

Unslung Heros:

10:00 HL Johanne of Fisher Gate placed on vigil
3:00 Boga Fyrd
3:30 Boga Hirth
5:00 Court


EO Fyrd Noon
EO Hirth 12:30
5:00 Saturday Court
5:00 Sunday Court

Lilies War:

Honorable Lady Katherine d’Arles will be placed on vigil the first Saturday evening following the Ladies of the Rose Tournament. She will be elevated in Wednesday Court.

Honorable Lady Anne Renarde will be placed on vigil during the war. Day/time is forthcoming. She will be elevated in Friday court.

Order of the Chivalry Sunday 3:30
Order of the Laurel Friday 2:30
Order of the Pelican First Saturday 1:30
Order of Defense Sunday 4:30
Order of the Cross First Saturday 1:00
Order of the Calon Lily Friday 1:00
Order of the Silver Hammer Friday 1:45
Iren Fyrd Sunday 2:00
Iren Hirth Sunday 2:45
Boga Fyrd Wednesday 3:00
Boga Hirth Wednesday 3:45
Stile Fyrd First Saturday 2:30
Stile Hirth First Saturday 3:00



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