Good Morning Calontir.
Tomorrow many will gather for the Spring War College in Amlethsmore, practicing to become better warfighters. What truer purpose for this than to be looking ahead to Pennsic War?
Their Highnesses Xerxes and Belanna have entrusted to me the duty to be Calontir's Land Agent again for Pennsic. They have made it apparent they wish to have a grand host to accompany them on campaign. As such, I must implore any considering to attend to pre-register at as soon as you are able.
Populace of Calontir is the land group we use to receive our proper land allotment. Once you have pre-registered, please contact me with your tent size/s and arrival dates so that we can formulate the most enjoyable use of space on Pennsic's Sylvan Frontier. That, or other questions, should be directed to [log in to unmask]
Have a wonderful weekend.


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